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Town & Country Psychotherapy

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Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Phone: 916-966-2209

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Personal and Relationship Checklist

We invite you to use this checklist as a tool in assessing your needs. These items are symptoms of problems you may need help in dealing with...please seriously consider seeking solutions. If we may be of help to you or someone you know please call 916-966-2209.

chronic health problems Family
“Our family has...”
communication problems
irresponsible or destructive behavior
uncontrolled conflict or physical abuse
loss of trust and respect
social or academic difficulties
apathy or chronic health problems

“Our relationship has...”
a problem with communication
nagging or jealousy
uncontrolled conflict or physical abuse
intimacy or sexual problems
chronic disagreements about parenting
excessive absence from home
conflict over money, religion...

“I am...”
feeling tense, nervous or worried often
having difficulty with sleep or weight change
wanting medication or alcohol to help me cope
chronically feeling guilty, blamed or worthless
having difficulty concentrating or “thinking too much”
frightened or worried about what I am thinking or feeling
having difficulty in my relationships with others

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